Barefoot Running Shoes

October 12th, 2017

out of shape man wearing vibram five fingers shoes on the train he obviously doesn't do much runningSo, you wear those for working out or just cause they look so damn good?

by: AngelicSupr3m3
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3 Responses to “Barefoot Running Shoes”

  1. theMeatWhistle says:

    On my way to Miss Swan’s Nail Salon to have my toes painted Jungle RED to compliment my Man Boobs …

  2. fgsfds says:

    I wear these – they are awesome. The point is that they let you walk the same way as barefoot (which is completely differently from wearing shoes, and is great for all sorts of foot problems), without stepping on sharp things or getting stared at (as much).

  3. ScholesScoresGoals says:

    Vibram Five Fingers rule, the have them for different purposes – sport, hiking/climbing etc.

    Check ’em out:

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