Murica … some people are proud to be like this.

June 19th, 2017


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3 Responses to “Murica … some people are proud to be like this.”

  1. casterman says:

    Contraceptives would be a good thing to distribute not only to other countries, but perhaps to the very people driving the van above…..

  2. Hwallace says:

    Yes, the liberal mindset. If it’s​ not their beliefs and actions, then it is the wrong beliefs and actions and should be laughed at, mocked and in some cases attacked beaten and businesses burnt down. Ahh… The loving, kind and non violent left. Keep it up, you’re only creating more and more Republicans.

  3. Tal Hartsfeld says:

    Actually, “nationalist” types give me the creeps just as much so as do the SJWs.