Sleeping Naked

May 29th, 2010

man laying down on the subway w/out clothesWhat? Some people like to sleep naked.

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12 Responses to “Sleeping Naked”

  1. Patrick says:

    I can’t believe he would sleep naked on that bench. You know how dirty those things are?

  2. 3Nifty says:


  3. Toomy says:

    I wonder if he’s dreaming about being naked in public.

  4. 123456 says:

    NYC subway. Nuff said.

  5. al says:

    Maybe he came from the future to save Jamal Connor in a funky fresh remake of The Terminator.

  6. Annette says:

    It is probably a prank. My friends did something similar to me on a train when I passed out at a party. They put me in a sleeper car and took my clothes. Not a fun moment when you wake up naked in a strange place with people all around.

  7. Cgraham says:

    Don’t you just hate it when the aliens abduct you and forget to return your clothes when they send you back.

  8. PhoebeK says:

    Whoa! Hate to be him when he woke up! How embarrassing!

  9. Givralii says:

    he has a cute ass! XD