Vitamin D

August 12th, 2017

person with really high shorts and very white legsIf you’re going to show off your legs, make sure they’re not as white as paper.

by: Patrick
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  1. Hwallace says:

    Milky white skin is beautiful and is what has been a sign of wealth and upper class for thousands of years in many countries. Very simple, if you had skin darkened by the sun, then you were a laborer working in a field. If you had light skin without sun darkened areas then you were wealthy and never worked in the Fields. The majority of Japanese still avoid the sun to have lighter skin, as lighter skin is a sign of elegance and upper class to this day in Japan. It is also racist and offensive to imply that if you have really white skin that it is ugly and you should hide it. Would it be funny if I said your skin is to black, it’s ugly and you should hide it?